Fanny Foozle lives in the town of Flamboozle with her parents, her dog Foodle Dog Sam and her best friends Fenelope and Dumple. Fanny Foozle’s adventures in Flamboozle help kids prepare for life’s daily challenges while promoting physical activity through bouncing, hopping and dancing along with Fanny and her friends. Fanny Foozle’s fun and engaging stories are specifically created to enhance creative and critical thinking through the use of tongue twisters and songs amongst children viewers. Within each episode there is a song to sing along and dance with.

The town of Flamboozle is made up of all things fun and familiar to children. All the characters are hippity hops, the houses and buildings are all children’s bounce houses and all the fences, lampposts, benches etc... are designed like playground apparatus. Everything in Flamboozle has a soft curve, flow and bounce to it. It is a thrilling and safe environment that let’s the audiences’ imagination flow with each of Fanny Foozle’s adventures.

Fanny Foozle is the Cynopsis Kids Imagination Award nominated ebook app, which has over 50,000 downloads, in 166 countries. The Fanny Foozle theme song has over 400,000 views while the Fanny Foozle Facebook page has over 58,000 “Likes” and over 9,000 Twitter followers.


Preschool boys & girls 2 yrs – 6yrs


Animated 2D Flash with After Effects compositing
• Short form 5-7 min Shorts
• Episodic 22 min Episodes
• A 44 min DVD Movie

  • DJ Dumples Disco Dance Party

    Dumple throws a party and holds a dance contest. Everyone takes a turn showing off their unique dance moves on the dance floor. Everyone gets to vote for everyone so everyone wins. In this episode they learn that everyone is an individual and unique.

  • Apadapalaple Apples

    Fanny, Foodle Dog Sam, Fenelope and Dumple bounce up apple hill to Archibald Appleface’s Apple Farm to pick apples. Archibald lets them pick as many apples as they want as long as they share them with the people of Flamboozle. Dumple thinks this is a good idea until he actually has to do it. Fanny suggests to Dumple to watch her and Fenelope share their apples and see how good it makes them feel. They all bounce down apple hill to Flamboozle and Dumple watches Fanny and Fenelope share their apples. Dumple gives “sharing” a try and realizes how good he feels sharing. Dumple shares all his apples only to realize that he hasn’t saved even one for himself. Just then Foodle Dog Sam shares the Apadaplapa Apple that was tied to his tag with Dumple. In this episode they learn the importance of “Sharing”.

  • Rainy Day Blues, Blahs And Boredom

    A rainy day in Flamboozle keeps Fanny and her friends indoors. Inside Fanny’s house they make up a “Rain Drop” song based on the rhythm of the raindrops hitting the roof of the house. They teach the kids at home the song and sing along with the classic follow the bouncing ball. In this episode they learn to recognize unique things in their environment.

  • Lights, Camera, Flamboozle!

    When director Walden Wigglewaggle needs a new STAR for his new movie Fanny, Fenelope, Dumple and even Mayor Funkle audition. They all have to recite the line “Wigglewagglewigglesquigilish, if you want a wish say this, Wigglewagglewigglesquigilish”. Everyone practices except for Dumple. In the end Foodle Dog Sam barks and Walden Wigglewaggle hires Foodle Dog Sam. Fanny, Fenelope, Dumple and even Mayor Funkle talk about what they would like to be someday. In this episode the kids learn about following their dream.

  • Flamboozle Idol Voice Factor

    Mason Moonstar the kid’s favorite singer is coming to town for a big concert in the Flamboozle Fantastic Dome. Fanny and her friends have recently formed a band and Dumple says he has a plan to sneak them backstage and play a song for Mason. In this episode they learn that “Practicing” is how you become good at something such as playing an instrument.

  • The Cloud Farm

    One overcast day Dumple complains that he doesn’t see why they need clouds. He loves the sun, and wishes it were sunny all the time. Pappa Foozle overhears this discussion and he takes the kids to Fanny’s Uncle Frankensun’s Cloud Farm. The kids help with the harvest for an upcoming thunderstorm. They learn how the clouds are so important in keeping the world so beautiful, giving us beautiful flowers, trees, rain, and rainbows. In this episode they learn about help keeping the world “Green”.

  • If At Yeast You Don’t Succeed

    Fanny, Fenelope, Dumple and yes Foodle Dog Sam, are at the Flamboozle Bake Shop where master baker Fabby Fluffy is baking lots of treats for the upcoming Flamboozle Tasty Treat party. Fabby says she could use some help from the kids. She teaches them how to spell words like PIE and to follow directions. She helps Dumple learn that some of his ideas – pumping air into bread dough to make it rise faster, pulling on flowers to make them grow faster might not be as good as good old fashioned “Patience”.

  • Great Heights

    Fanny, Fenelope, Dumple and of course Foodle Dog Sam are excited to meet their new neighbor Skeetle Skadeetal who just moved into the Skytipper Treehouse number 3. Skeetle invites them all to join him in his new Skytipper Treehouse number 3. The tree house is amazing but it’s SO HIGH!

    Dumple lets everyone go before him because of his fear of heights, which he didn’t know he had until now. Can Dumple overcome his fear to join in the fun in the tree house? In this episode the kids learn about “Confidence”.

  • Thin Ice

    Fanny and Dumple’s ice skating coach Frank Frostytoes adds a new “jump” to their routine. It’s a “floating folly fizzle faddle foot flair”. It soon becomes clear that Dumple will have to take a leap of faith and trust that Fanny will catch him. Will Dumple be able to learn to trust Fanny before their big competition? In this episode the kids learn about “Trust”.