My daughter asks everyday if she can see Fanny Foozle and her gang, she loves the app and we definitely recommend downloading their free app.

  • Princess Amoung Superheroes:

    This free app is not only fun, interactive and captivating, but also educational. While the alliteration used throughout the story helps children pay attention and remember, there is a short memory game after to see how much they retained. While toddler 2.0 isn’t retaining much of anything, this is a good way to help child 1.0 learn to really follow along and pay attention to the stories we read.

  • Savory Savings:

    My girls think Fanny Foozle is wonderful! She is pink, has a dog named Sam and sings a catchy tune. When Fanny loses Sam, they wished they could cry pink tears with her until Sam was found. If you are looking for a fun, free app to try with your kids, I definitely recommend Fanny Foozle!

  • Fru Gals:

    I reviewed this app with my 11 and 17 year old daughters, we think the theme songs are so cute and catchy! The storyline and games are definitely directed towards pre-school aged children, very well put together. We played the games over and over and found ourselves dancing adn laughing having a great time.

  • Alyssa Collazo from My Computer to Yours:

    As a mother to two small children, I have to say this app is beyond adorable and highly creative. The songs are extremely catchy, the colors are just fantastic and stand out. I love that there is an option to read alone or read along. I also love at the end of each book there is a match game, give a chance for the child to not only read but have a little fun too.

  • Game On Mom:

    Fanny Foozle is fabulous, and I’ve read/heard her story about 400 times over the past week. My son says it’s his favorite book! Sure, he favorites a lot of things, but it’s still a sign that he liked it a whole lot. My daughter has replayed it many times also, but she’s even more fond of the memory game. She just loves matching up images that she recognizes from the story. My favorite part? The reference to Freehold, New Joozle. I can’t stop giggling.

  • The Mommy Bunch:

    My daughter has been using this app in the backseat of our car and loves it. The story keeps her attention, and the illustrations are great. Overall, great app for kids and one that is not only fun, but provides a little learning as well.

  • Luker Family Tales:

    Fanny Foozle combines catchy songs (I caught myself singing it ALL day--parents you know you do this!), reading, solving mysteries, and lots of tongue twisters to provide educational fun for your preschool aged child.

  • Open Hands:

    Fanny Foozle, doesn’t she just sound fun? Well, her name is very indicative of who she is. Fanny Foozle is pink and lives in the town of Flamboozle with her Foodle Dog Sam. In Flamboozle, Fanny’s days are full of funny things and fantastic adventures.

    In the great app your kids can follow along with Fanny Foozle to look for clues and sing along! Fanny Foozle is available for apple devices or android. Which is great, because we can have it on our iPad and the kids can use it at home OR when we are on the go they can read and giggle with Fanny Foozle on my phone!

    When you first enter the Fanny Foozle app you or your little one can choose to either “read” or “read along” , so it’s great for all ages! Buddy who is 6 and loves to read and Little Stinker (3) & Sweet Pea (21 months) are all loving this great app. The Fanny Foozle story is a lot of fun, and we love that there are other apps that expand on the fun. My kids love Fanny Foozle Pop.

    I and my kids would highly recommend you checking out Fanny Foozle, it will not disappoint!

  • We're Parents:

    I’m not a big app person. Honestly, I’m not. Baby Skibbles rarely gets screen time on our phones or iPad because she thinks that it needs to be 0.003 inches away from her face when we do. We were asked to look at the Fanny Foozle ebook app and decided that maybe she was a bit old enough to test it out. It is geared to the pre-school age, but we found it to be great even for her. Beyond great actually, and you won’t catch me saying that very often.

    We were traveling recently and with a little more than an hour left until we got back home, we hit some major traffic. Baby Skibbles ended up waking up and a freak out pursued. Pulling over just wasn’t an option and clearly I couldn’t take her out of her seat while we were driving. I tried letting her play a game that I had downloaded awhile ago, we tried music, peak-a-boo, etc. Nothing was working. Then I remembered I had downloaded the Fanny Foozle app. I turned it on, thinking it couldn’t hurt to try. I couldn’t believe that she actually calmed down as long as I was playing the theme song. She kept signing “more” and handing the phone back to me. And I happily obliged. By the time we got home, I had every word memorized to the theme song, but it was well worth it. Every time I turn it on her face lights up and she starts to dance. It’s great! Just watch the little clip of her dancing below!

    But the app is also awesome. There is an adorable story about Fanny Foozle and her family and friends. As the story goes along the words are highlighted in red, helping your child with their reading abilities. It’s fun, bright, and very well illustrated. We definitely recommend this app! Theres also two games available in the iTunes store to purchase to play along with the Fanny Foozle theme -- Fanny Games & FannyPop.

  • Tough Cookie Mommy:

    As a mother of two sons who are very technologically savvy, I consider it a priority to monitor the apps and programs that they access on their electronic devices. Since I am an educator, I look for apps that have an educational value and that engage my boys while teaching them something.

    That is why I particularly like the Fanny Foozle App. This app immerses children in solving mysteries, having fun, singing songs, saying tongue twisters and learning fundamental life building lessons. It is positive developmental lesson set in a world familiar and unfamiliar.

    The main character Fanny begins each day with a challenge and has a motto that she can solve any problem that she puts her mind to. She views the town of Flamboozle as an unlimited source of life-altering experiences. Every morning, she is inspired to tackle the day ahead and conquer any obstacles.

    With each surprise she encounters she finds the clue or the missing word or the out of place cow or answers the question and solves the situation. Sometimes, her friends are a source of help and sometimes they get in her way. There are definitely lessons there about life and about friendships.

    There is no beginning and no end to Fanny’s story. There are no boundaries or limits to the town of Flamboozle. Some of the possible setting options include the faraway frabbleodeon feather fields are of course in Frabbleodeon section of Flamboozle. The lessons are endless as are the possibilities.

    The Fanny Foozle ebook, Fanny Foozle Fun app and Fanny Foozle Pop game are all FREE in the iTunes store, while only the ebook is available in the Android and Kindle store (it’s 1.99 for Kindle). These apps are aimed at the preschooler set which is a very important time developmentally with regards to literacy and language acquisition. They are a great way to keep your children constantly learning even when they are using technology!