• Fanny Foozle - "The Four Leaf Fantuckle Festival" (Volume 1) - Paperback Book

    By Rich Dickerson

    Fanny Foozle is a pre-school aged lesson learning adventure book. Each book serves to teach team work, manners, friendliness, sharing etc. while stimulating a childs imagination and curiosity in the town of Flamboozle.

  • Fanny Foozle - "Apadapalapa Apples" (Volume 2) - Paperback Book

    By Rich Dickerson

    Fanny Foozle and her friends learn the importance of sharing when they go Apadapalapa Apple picking at Archibald Appleface's apple farm.

  • Fanny Foozle - "Fantuckle Failure"

    By Siena Entertainment, LLC

    Fantuckle Failure is a fun, upbeat song which explains why the Fantuckle Flower will not bloom. It asks your child to make a funny face or dance to help the flower bloom.

    Your kids will want to play it over and over for all the funny sounds and words.

  • Fanny Foozle Storychimes

    By Siena Entertainment, LLC

    Fanny Foozle is a daily learning experience for preschool children. It is the triumph of solving mysteries, having fun, singing songs, saying tongue twisters and learning fundamental life building lessons. It is positive developmental lesson set in a world familiar and unfamiliar.

    Fanny begins each day with a challenge and the credo of there are no problems only solutions. She sees the town of Flamboozle as an unlimited source of wonder and new experiences. She awakes to each day ready for the wonder it brings and the new experiences that wait.

    There is no beginning and no end to Fanny’s story. There are no boundaries or limits to the town of Flamboozle. If a story needs to take place at the lake then there is a lake, the other side of town is always another side of town, the faraway frabbleodeon feather fields are of course in Frabbleodeon section of Flamboozle. The lessons are endless as are the possibilities.

    • Interactive page animations!
    • Bonus character dialogue you can activate!
    • Interactive sound effects!
    • Bonus music video included at end
    • Karaoke sing-along with Fanny’s theme
    • Original music score!
    • Detailed coloring pages
    • Memory match game
    • Read-along karaoke narration
    • Page indexing

  • Fanny Foozle Fun

    By Siena Entertainment, LLC

    This App features two fun learning activities for kids to enjoy. You can learn to spell all sorts of fun words from the world of Flamboozle, trace/write them or have some fun by completing the puzzle with the correct letters!

    You can even enter your own name for practice!

    • Spell individual words
    • Trace/Write individual words
    • Add your own word or name
    • Record your own word or name
    • Fill in the blank puzzle game

  • Fanny Foozle Pop

    By Siena Entertainment, LLC

    Fanny Foozle Pop! is a super fun game, based on the popular Fanny Foozle series of kids Apps (also available in the App Store). Pop as many fun character balloons as you can before the time is up!

    But beware the Mayor! Accidentally tap the Mayor three times and the game will end.

    You’ll want to play over and over to see how high a score you can get.